Scholarships for Modern Greek Language and Culture Education

The State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.) grants scholarships for postgraduate or postdoctoral studies in Greece to all foreigners as well as scholarships for the attendance of the Modern Greek Language and Culture.

The programmes for postgraduate/postdoctoral studies are announced at the end of each year and the scholarships are offered to nationals (foreigners or of Greek origin) from:

a) Western Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan ,

b) Balkans, Central or Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Other Requirements for Eligibility :

1. Hold a graduate degree from a foreign University in Humanities (Archaeology, Educational Studies, Ethnology, Folklore, History, Linguistics, Literature, Philology, Philosophy, Psychology, Theatrology, Theology, Sociology, Translation).
2. Not exceed fifty (50) years of age (date of birth not before 1957).
3. Have basic knowledge of the Greek language.

Duration of the scholarship:

The duration of the scholarship is eight months (8 months) and the scholarship is offered only for the attendance of courses and seminars of the Modern Greek Language and Culture in a Greek University. At the completion of the programme of studies the Greek University offers a special certificate of attendance

Financial Provisions:

1. Free feeding and accommodation.
2. Tuition fees and other running costs.
3. Free medical care in case of emergency.
4. A monthly allowance of 150,00 euros (net amount of money) for personal expenses.
5. 200 euros for initial expenses

There are also scholarships for Greek summer courses at the University of Athens and University of Thessaloniki.

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