Greek Naval Academy

greek naval academy

The Greek Naval Academy is a higher educational institution providing academic courses in various disciplines of naval science by highly qualified academic staff, while physical training and improvement of fitness is achieved by the participation of Naval Cadets in nearly all team and individual sports and particularly sea sports such a sailing, rowing and swimming.

All the above contribute to the making of new Naval Officers, who distinguish themselves regarding moral, character, naval spirit and seamanship.

greek naval academy

As recognition of the important contribution to the Nation, the Naval academy has been awarded the medal of the Academy of Athens because “since it was founded in 1845, it has moulded heroes, wise men and distinguished scientists, thus rendering great services to Fatherland and the Nation”.

The Greek Naval Academy educates Line and Engineering Navy Cadets in a four year term. It may also educate Supply Officer Cadets as well as Coast Guard Officer Cadets. The latter are already university graduates coming to study for just one year. Many young men from foreign countries currently study as Naval Cadets in our Academy.

The screening procedure for the selection of the new intake is based mainly on the established system of nationwide national examinations imposed on all University candidates in Greece. The Greek Naval Academy however, runs additional health, intelligence and athletic tests on its own candidates. About 400 Cadets study in the Academy each year.

The Academy organization is divided into two main areas of activities. The first deals with the Naval Cadets and comprises four Directorships: Naval Cadet Administration, Naval and Military training, Athletics and Academic Studies. The second area of activities is concerned with organization of the naval base which has to support the whole functioning of the Academy.

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