Montessori School in Athens

The Montessori school was founded in 1956. It was running in Kalamaki until 1960 and later in Patissia. Since September 1976 it is running in Tatoi-Varibobi.

The Montessori school has received the authorization of the Ministry of Education to run according to the Montessori method. It also employs all teaching aids and material for both Primary and Nursery school, which are (were) produced in special factories in Europe.

It is directed by Mr. A. Zachopoulo and Ms. Zachopoulou, who have both completed their post graduate studies abroad in order to succeed the best application of the Montessori system in Greece. Children of 2 1/2 up to 12 years of age are accepted in the school.

The teaching staff is carefully selected, specifically trained and directed by the Principals of the school so that a united formula is followed in children’s Culture and Education.

Montessori School is approved by the Association Montessori International (A.M.I). (International organization of promotion and supervision of the Montessori system). It is also the representative of this organization in our country. It is informed by the scientific forms which are distributed in all Montessori schools in the World by the A.M.I. It also attends relative conferences and seminars. It follows the Montessori principle a) adjustment in development b) avoidance of huge school buildings that are not suitable for young ages

Our school follows the Montessori system and works according to the principles of schools of projects.

The teaching aids used have considered the scientific way of consolidation of knowledge. Everyday during the first two hours, children work with the material individually or in small groups. They are given the opportunity to fully comprehend what the teacher has taught them, and they also solve all their problems by themselves. As a result, they achieve to organise their perception. Through material, children are given the opportunity to practice and also to correct themselves.

This is considered to be one of the major differences of the Montessori method of teaching, in contrast with those applied in ordinary schools. (Kindergardens – Nursery schools).

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