Greek Military Academy

greek military academy

Greek Military Academy mission is to provide the Army with Regular Officers of the Arms, the Technical, Supply, Transportation Corps as well as the Ordnance Corps.

In order to achieve this mission, the Greek Military Academy trains and educates the Cadets with a view to:

1. Widening their general knowledge by offering them the required training in the arts and sciences as they are taught in the other institutions of Higher Learning.

greek military academy

2. Offering them the required Military Training so that on the day of their graduation they will be able to attend the Special Training Programme of the Arms or Corps they will join as Second Lieutenants and, later, higher Military Education.

3. Cultivating and developing military merits as well as a military attitude, so that as new Officers they will have acquired, to a high degree, the qualifications and skills necessary for becoming excellent leaders with integrity of character, outstanding knowledge, as well as physical and mental endurance of the highest degree possible.

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