Higher Ecclesiastical School of Athens

The Higher Ecclesiastical School of Athens is part of the Tertiary Public Education System and belongs administratively to the Ministry of Education.

The Higher Ecclesiastical School of Athens operates under the hospices of the School Board that is presided by his Eminence, Panteleymon, Metropolitan of Attica.

Who gets admitted to the School and how:

  • High school graduates after passing the annual school examinations
  • Graduates from other Tertiary Education Schools after passing the specific placement examinations
  • High school graduates who are native or foreigners who are orthodox christians after a special selection process.

Those who graduate from the the Higher Ecclesiastical School of Athens can enter other Tertiary Schools and Universities without any additional examinations. As members of the clergy, they belong to the highest paying category level. The School faculty consists of tenure professors with doctorate degrees, visiting professors with the same credentials and university members.

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