Greek Music, Greek singers, Greek composers

Greek music in general is characterized by an idiosyncratic dynamic, it is influenced by many genres, it is commercial but at the same time qualitative, traditional (often with incorporated ethnic elements), “fighting” (obviously influenced by the political songs of the 60s and 70s), it converses with electronic music, gathers audaciously Greek people in rock and electronic dance music festivals, dances ‘tsiftetli’ (belly dance) and ‘zeimbekiko’, allows its bards to break the established music forms and interweaves traditional with modern elements promoting the numerous expressions of sound which can still breathe under the burden of the arithmetic of selling.

There are many concert areas and various music bodies which decisively contribute to the development of the Greek music identity as well as the contact of the Greek audience with popular Greek singers and the most important musicians of the world music scene. There is also a big number of conservatories (98 Municipal Conservatories and 450 private ones) which are driven by the philosophy of continuous upgrading of the musical education in Greece.

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