Prepaid Internet Cards in Greece

If you bring your laptop computer to Greece you will undoubtedly want to connect to the internet so you can check your email, and surf around for information.

There is an easy way to gain internet access without signing up with an ISP.

All you need is a “prepaid internet card” which you can purchase from kiosks (there are called “periptera” in Greece).

Buying a prepaid internet card will offer you unique benefits :

  • It’s more cost effective internet access type comparing to services of the type “free” internet access with local call charges.
  • You can find prepaid internet cards at kiosks, computer chain stores(PLAISIO, Multirama) and ELTA (ΕΛΤΑ).
  • You choose the way you want to connect to the internet : PSTN, ISDN 64K, ADSL 512K or Wi-Fi at HotSpots.
  • You surf the internet fastly, easily, without commitments & procedures, under anonymity.

Choose the best prepaid internet card for you :

With a 5€ prepaid internet card you can have internet access for 10 + 10 hours via PSTN/ISDN 64K/ADSL 512 or for 100+100 minutes via Wi-Fi at HotSpots for 3 months from its activation.

With a 10€ prepaid internet card you can have internet access for 25 + 25 hours via PSTN/ISDN 64K/ADSL 512K or for 200 +200 minutes via Wi-Fi at HotSpots for 6 months from its activation.

Unlimited internet access for 1 + 1 month via PSTN/ISDN 64K/ADSL 512 and Wi-Fi at every HotSpot from its activation with a prepaid internet card of 20€.

Prices and offers can be change slightly from company to company (the prices above are from the site of Forthnet).

The prepaid internet card provides a username and a password, instructions how to set-up your computer for connection, and directions on how to set-up every possible operating system. On the card you will also find a telephone number for the dial-up connection which you can dial form anywhere in Greece.

Except the charge of the prepaid internet card you will also have to pay the phone charge as it is estimated from EPAK the National Single Access Number.

National Single Access Number – EPAK

The National Single Access Number is a special Internet access number, which gives you the opportunity to connect to the Internet from everywhere in Greece and ensures much lower telephony charges compared to local call access solutions. The lower telephony charges apply to both PSTN telephone network and ISDN digital network.

EPAK charges for Internet access are the following:

1. EPAK Charges calling from everywhere in Greece

  • Peak hours (08:00-22:00) 1 Unit Price / 266 secs 0,352€ / hour
  • Off peak hours (22:00-08:00) 1 Unit Price / 532 secs 0,176€ / hour

2. In the case that an ISP does not have a POP in your prefecture, the Internet connection is accomplished through the POP center of the nearest prefecture (Trans-local Access).

The EPAK charges for those ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) that do not have POP in your prefecture are the following:

EPAK charges calling through POP centers of different geographical departments, Trans-local Access – Zone I (0-45 Km) Zone II (>45 Km) –

  • Peak hours (08:00-22:00) : Zone I: 1 U.P. / 60 secs or 1,56€/ hour Zone II: 1 U.P. / 24,9 secs or 3,76€/ hour
  • Off peak hours (22:00-08:00) : 1 U.P. / 532 secs or 0,176€/ hour

The unit price (U.P.) for Internet access calls over EPAK has been set at 0,026 €.

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