Free Internet in Greece

*this article is outdated

Free internet services is an other way of connecting to the internet via PSTN and is given by the majority of the Greek companies.

Connection to the Internet with the service Free Internet costs as much as a local call(0,026/1′ + VAT), whatever part of Greece users make their calls from.

Thanks to the service Free Internet, access to the Internet becomes as easy as ever, since users can get directly and easily connected as long as they have a computer with modem and a telephone line. There are no commitments of any kind required, like contract, card or prepayment.

Users just dial a number given by the company and get connected by using the name and the password given.

The process is short and simple:

1. Create a new dial-up connection in the PC (example for Win XP: Start -> Control Panel – > Network connections – > Create new connection – > Connect to the Internet – > Set up my connection manually – > Connect using a dial-up modem).
2. Type a)Username b)Password c)Greek dial number
3. Click Enter to connect.

Some of the free internet codes are listed below :

Username Password Greek dial number

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