Farmers’ Insurance Organization – OGA

farmers insurance organization

The Farmers’ Insurance Organisation – (OGA) was founded in 1961 under Basic Law 4169, with the aim of providing retirement and bereavement pensions and medical treatment to the farming population of Greece.

The Organisation’s social security services expanded until 1997, with the added provision of disability pensions, pharmaceutical care, etc.

In 1998 the Farmers’ Insurance Organization – OGA became the Farmers’ Main Insurance Fund (Law 2458/97), offering a wide and comprehensive range of social security.There will be a transitional period lasting until 2026, during which both the old and the new system will coexist. The transition will be smooth, with no loss of social security rights.

Today the Farmers’ Insurance Organization provides its members with the following services:

  • Social Security
  • Pensions
  • Medical Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Care
  • International Social Security
  • Benefits for Families with Many Children
  • Social Tourism Programmes (8 days holiday, tour programme, educational excursion to Cyprus, etc.)

It is obligatory for the following persons to be registered with the Main Social Security Branch:

  • Farmers
  • Farm workers, i.e. persons whose main source of income is employment as day labourers or salaried employees, paid in money or in kind, in any kind of productive agricultural work.
  • Fishermen who are not insured with any other social security organisation.
  • Professionals, craftsmen and merchants who exercise their profession in villages or settlements with a population under 2,000 inhabitants.

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