Insurance Organisation for the Self-Employed – OAEE

The registration to the Insurance Organisation for the Self-Employed – ( OAEE ) is obligatory for all private persons listed below who are over the age of 18 and work in Greece, regardless of sex and nationality. These include:

1. Professionals and craftsmen who have professional premises.
2. Persons active in commerce who are legally required to belong to a Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Professions or Crafts.
3. Financiers, stockbrokers, stock agents of the Athens Stock Exchange, cinema entrepreneurs and customs brokers.
4. Private clinic and health centre operators who are not doctors of medicine.

5. Hoteliers who started business after 1.3.1999.
6. Holders of a driving instructor’s licence.
7. Owners of vehicles for public use.
8. Owners or operators of tourist buses for public use.
9. Playwrights, poets and authors.
10. Captains of professional leisure craft (sail or engine-powered).


The Insurance Organisation for the Self-Employed provides appropriate medical healthcare for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment by specialist doctors under the following headings:

1) Pathologist 2) Paediatrician 3) Cardiologist 4) Ophthalmologist 5) Gynaecologist 6) Otolaryngologist 7) Dermatologist 8) Orthopaedic 9) Pneumonologist 10) Urologist 11) Gastroenterologist 12) Rheumatologist 13) Neurologist 14) Psychiatrist 15) Allergiologist 16) Endocrinologist


Hospital Care

a) Hospital care includes treatment of patients in state hospitals and clinics, and private clinics under contract to the Organisation.

b) In case of emergency, an insured patient may be hospitalised in a clinic not under contract to the Organisation. In this case the Insurance Organization for the Self – Employed will pay the hospital fees if the emergency status is confirmed by a medical inspector.

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