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social security organization in greece ika

IKA is the largest Social Security Organisation in Greece. It covers 5,530,000 workers and employees and provides 830,000 pensioners with retirement pension.

Social Security Organisation in Greece (IKA) covers those in dependent employment in Greece or abroad for an employer who is based in Greece, as well as those who offer full-time or part-time personal labour on commissioned work agreements and are not insured with any other Main Insurance agency.

The Social Security Organisation in Greece also covers certain groups of people who offer their labour to various employers at various times and whose insurance is realized through their Unions or Insurance Associations, (e.g. porters, news-stand vendors, slaughterhouse workers etc.) or through special provisions (e.g. exclusive nurses).

The main task of social security is to offer insurance coverage to its members through various benefits. Social Security Organisation in Greece meets the needs of its insured members in medical care and benefit payments. Medical Care Beneficiaries are those directly insured and the members of their families, provided the insured have completed at least 50 working days reflected in their insurance in the last year or within the preceding 15 months – the last three months not counting.

Other beneficiaries are old age pensioners or disability pensioners and members of their families as well as those receiving Death Pensions. Those directly insured (employees) are eligible to claim benefit payments, provided they meet the necessary requirements for Benefit Payment Allowances.

Medical Care Covers

1. Medical Examination by physicians at local IKA surgeries, family doctors and rural region doctors as well as IKA affiliated physicians who examine patients at their private practices.

2. General or specific examinations and treatments Social Security Organisation laboratories or others on contract with IKA.

3. Expenses, based on State set rates, for the fee paid to a private practitioner for a visit or medicine administered at an emergency, provided necessary documents are submitted to IKA within the deadline set.


Prescribed medicines are administered by Social Security Organisation in Greece physicians for the restoration of health and full recovery of those insured. Instructions given by the doctor must be strictly adhered to, for the treatment to be completed.

Prescriptions must be carried out within five working days since their date of issue, otherwise they are rendered invalid. Insured members pay a 25% participation rate to the medicine cost. Exceptions apply for certain cases.
– A reduced participation of 10% is also paid by pensioners who are entitled to EKAS Allowance and the members of their families as of 1 January 99.
– Special nutrition preparations are supplied at no charge to customers suffering from metabolic diseases or those who have problems with food absorption.


Social Security Organisation in Greece meets the need for hospitalisation of directly insured customers as well as pensioners and their families:

1. At Social Security Organisation hospitals, State Hospitals and Private clinics on contract with IKA as well as clinics for chronic diseases and disabled children.

2. Abroad, in case of diseases that cannot be diagnosed and treated in Greece due to lack of appropriate scientific means or specialised physicians.

3. At independent clinics and treatment centers – not affiliated with IKA – when there is an emergency. The case must be reported directly to Social Security Organisation within three days, so that an assessment and confirmation of the emergency is made, and the imperative need for hospitalization is determined by the Social Security Organisation auditor-physician. The necessary documents for the reimbursement of hospital charges must be submitted within six months since the date of hospitalization, otherwise the submission of such documents is considered overdue.

The Social Security Organisation in Greece has also signed contracts with private Cardio-surgical Centers – besides State Hospitals – for Open Heart Surgery.

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