Self – Help Promoting Program in Thessaloniki

The Self-Help Promoting Program is a pilot project running under the supervision of the Psychology Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The principal aims of the program are:

  • The promotion of self-help in coping with addiction to psychoactive substances and other psychosocial problems
  • The training of health workers in new roles of encouragement and peripheral support of citizens’ initiatives
  • The research into the applications of self- help in dealing with psychosocial problems

The Self-Help Promoting Program is an alternative place, a place of meeting people that exceeds the narrow borders of a public health service.

This exceeding is directly connected to the philosophy of self-help and self-activity of citizens and to the opinion that the promoting of self-help and the redefinition of the mental health professional’s role, cannot take place within the context of the traditional organization and function of a mental health structure.

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