Medical School of Thessaly University

The Medical School of Thessaly University was established in 1990 aiming to achieve three important tasks: education, research and patient care.

Following this spirit, the Department of Respiratory Diseases, has been training students in pulmonary medicine, fulfilling a workshop function for clerkships of medical students.

The education program includes weekly teaching sessions from Amphitheater and a clinical practice course during the same time.

Part of the education is provided in Lung Function Lab where the students have the opportunity to understand the various available pulmonary tests, under the direct supervision and teaching of the relative professor. Frequent lectures and seminars enable student’s understanding of respiratory medicine.

The Department closely collaborates with the Physiology Lab of the school (Head Professor: PA Molyvdas), where a number of researches on lung physiology at a cellular level are carried out.

The Department will soon be located in the University Hospital of Larissa, which will become the referral centre in middle Greece.

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