Department of Surgery of Athens Medical School

The First Department of Surgery at the University of Athens Medical School offers a six-year program in General Surgery and a seven-year in Vascular Surgery which combines in-depth exposure to all of the major areas of surgery, a structured educational series, and experience in basic surgical research.

The program has been designed to prepare the resident for a career in clinical practice, academic surgery, or for advanced training in general and vascular surgery.

The Department of Surgery at Athens University is dedicated to surgical education of the highest order.

The goal of this department is to see that each individual achieves the highest personal potential.

The quality of any endeavor depends upon the quality of the people participating. In a surgical training program this means the faculty and the individuals in training. Our faculty are outstanding and we want to attract the finest residents in the country, as we train surgeons for the 21st century.

The Department of Surgery at Athens University is committed to outstanding patient care, education and research. Although many changes are occurring rapidly and will continue, we will help you meet the challenges and realize opportunities. We are enthusiastic about our program and welcome your interest in it.

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