Peneus River

Peneus river (or Pineios river )is located in Thessaly, whose tributaries drain the Thessalian Plain.

Peneus river  main sources are in the Metsovo area, not far from the springs of the Aliakmonas river (which is why folk tradition calls the two rivers “brothers”).

If fact, however, the Peneus, with its large volume of water, is fed by all the mountains around Thessaly. It not only receives large quantities of water from the Metsovo area, but is also fed by tributaries rising in Pindos, Othrys and the Mount Olympus-Kamvounia massif.

The last part of Peneus river course runs through the famous valley of Tempi between Mount Olympus and Mountain Ossa.

This valley was probably dug out by the Pineios and is the only natural drainage outlet for the waters of Thessaly. The Pineios river flows into the Aegean Sea south of Cape Platamon.

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