Mount Pindos

Pindos Mount or Pindus Mount are a very long, wide range of mountains which forms the spine of mainland Greece.

In fact Pindos’ Mount is not one but two or three parallel ranges, about 150 kilometres long and 50 kilometres wide.

As mainland Greece is only 230 kilometres wide at its widest point, Mount Pindos and its lateral projections run across the greater part of the country like veins.

The range consists of two massifs, North and South Pindus, which meet in the Metsovo area. North Pindus runs down from Mount Grammos on the Greek-Albanian border, while South Pindos starts at Lakmos Mountains and continues with the Athamanian or Tzoumerka Mount.

From a geological point of view, however, the mountains of the Peloponnese are also a continuation of the Pindus range. By its length, breadth and sheer existence, Pindos mount affects the climate of Greece, determining rainfall, the flow of waters, as it is the watershed between western and eastern Greece, and the road network, as there are only a few accessible passes between its heights.

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