Mount Parnitha

Mount Parnitha, Attica (1,413 m. elevation)

Mount Parnitha is the highest and most extensive mountain range in Attica, rising to a maximum height of 1,413 m. at the peak of Karavola and with dimensions of 30×13 to 20 kilometres.

Mount Parnitha is connected to Mount Cithaeron to the west via the Skourta Plateau, while its eastern heights (Mavrovouni) reach as far as the coast of the South Euboic Sea.

Between Parnitha Mount and Mavrovouni is a low saddle through which runs the Athens-Lamia National Road. Southeast of Parnitha Mount spreads the Thriasian Plain (Aspropyrgos, Eleusis, Magoula). Archaeological finds show that Parnitha was a place of worship from time immemorial.

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