Lakes Koronia and Volvi

volvi and koronia lake

Lakes Koronia and Volvi lie in the lowest part of the Mygdonian Basin, a few kilometres northeast of Thessaloniki, next to the Thessaloniki-Kavala national road.

The lake area is delimited by the town of Lagada at its western end and the Redina Gorge, also known as Macedonian Tembi, at its eastern end.

In the centre of this area lie the two lakes Koronia and Volvi, surrounded by the mountains of Volvi, Vertiskos, Kerdyllion, Chortiatis, Cholomondas and Stratonikos.

volvi lake

The Koronia and Volvi lakes are separated by a narrow strip of land which is gradually widening. They are connected by a canal, while Lake Volvi empties itself into the Strymonian Gulf by means of the Richios river. Millions of year ago the whole basin formed a massive lake, of which Lakes Korinia and Volvi are only the remnants.

Lake Volvi is the second-largest Greece lake, with a total area of about 68 sq. km and a maximum depth of 20 metres.

In the 1950s, Lake Koronia was one of the best-stocked lakes in the country, but it has been shrinking constantly ever since. From 46,000 sq. km and an average depth of 5 m. in the 1970s, it is now only 10,000 sq. km wide and 0.6 m. deep.

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