Kastoria Lake

kastoria lake

Kastoria Lake , one of the most beautiful lakes in Kastoria, Greece, embraces the town of Kastoria in west Macedonia and the west of Kastoria Prefecture.

At an altitude of 630 metres above sea level, kidney-shaped due to the hilly peninsula on which the town of Kastoria stands, the Kastoria lake is the remnant of an ancient lake of the Quartenary Period, 164 sq. km wide and over 50 metres deep.

kastoria lake

Kastoria Lake is a karstic lake, tectonic in origin, which is believed to have been formed 10 million years ago in the Miocene.

Today Kastoria lake covers about 28 sq. km and has a maximum depth of about 9.5 metres. It is fed by nine local streams.

The lake of Kastoria freezes over for one to three weeks almost every winter, completely changing the picture of the landscape.

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