Kaiafas Lake

kaifa lakeKaiafas Lake lies in an enchanting landscape of mountain, thermal springs, pine forest and sea.

Kaifas Lake takes its name from Caiaphas, the High Priest of Judaea.

The lake Kaifas was formed by the great earthquakes of the 6th century AD, with landslides which dug out the lake and created the rocky formations rising from the “key” spot to the east.

The Kaifas lake has been a marvellous fishery for centuries, stocked by large quantities of fish which enter from the Ionian Sea via a channel. It also used to be a rich hunting-ground for water-birds.

Today the lake Kaifas has been cleared and covers an area of about 1,500 sq. km. It is 3 km long, 500-600 m. wide and over 2 m. deep.

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