Gorges in Greece

Greece Gorges are typical formations of limestone mountains, carved by rainfall and snowmelt. Rare wildflowers cling to their steep cliffs and many birds find safe nesting-spots there.

In the Greek landscape you can find many imposing Greek Gorges with their high, steep cliffs, rushing torrents and the birds and animals that live there. 

The best-known Gorges in Greece are:

  • The Samaria Gorge in Crete, which you can walk from end to end on one of the most wonderful hikes in Europe.
  • The stunningly beautiful Vikos Gorge in Monodendri, Ioannina, a true natural monument that takes your breath away.

Canyoning is an outdoor activity combining hiking, climbing, abseiling, travelling down streams and swimming. If there are waterfalls en route, it can also involve tombstoning (jumping into the water from a high point). Canayoning in Greece, is a relatively new but rapidly-developing sport, with many keen fans.

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