Cities In Greece

Cities in Greece are the living cells of Greek society, each with its own local colour, the result of its unique history. The seasonal transformations from summer to winter make every visit a different, unique experience. You’ll discover something different in whichever city in Greece you choose to visit.

Each of the cities of Greece, scattered throughout the country, has its own character, its own particular reflection of many centuries of Greek history.

The country’s urban centres are dynamic culture-spots, combining a rich tradition with the modern way of life and vibrant all year round.

Athens city, with its marvellous monuments and rich history, is one of the main cultural tourism destinations; however, it also a living metropolis, continually changing faces and embodying the most innovative art, fashion and lifestyle trends. Life in Athens city can be fascinating if you are interested in exploiting the wide variety of choices to the full, but also tiring due to the fast pace of city life. The surrounding countryside of Attica offers myriad opportunities for nearby excursions to the mountains or the sea.

The second-largest Greece city (the “co-capital” as it is known in Greece) is Thessaloniki (Salonica) – the ideally-located and beautiful Macedonian city. Thessaloniki city is the true centre of the Balkans, as its geographical position makes it a real gateway to Europe. In contrast to the frenzied rhythms of Athens, Thessaloniki offers a less stressful pace of life, more open spaces and an exceptional variety of choices for eating out and having fun. The White Tower on the shore is the city’s undisputed trademark. The inhabitants of Thessaloniki are justly proud of their city and never miss an opportunity to mention it.

The main cities in Thrace and Western Macedonia are Kavala and Alexandroupoli. Each has its own airport, and from their harbours you can travel to the beautiful natural scenery of Samothrace Island. In Central Greece, the major cities are Larissa and Volos. Larissa dominates the plain of Thessaly and constitutes a major road hub due to its location in the heart of Greece. One of the best excursions with Larissa as a starting-point is a trip to the nearby Valley of Tempi. Volos, situated on the Pagasetic Gulf, is a lovely, lively city and one of the country’s main industrial centres. Pelion, with its fruitful forests and wonderful villages, and the nearby Sporades Islands, can easily be visited from Volos.

Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, is the largest city of northwest Greece, with its own airport. Its natural beauty, with Lake Pamvotis and its inhabited island, not to mention the wide variety of amusements available, will keep you in the city. It would be a shame to miss the nearby Zagorochoria and the imposing Vikos Gorge.

Patras is the third most populated city in Greece and the undisputed capital of the Peloponnese. Patras also boasts one of the country’s largest ports, where most of the ferry lines to Italy depart. Nearby Kalavryta and the cog railway of Diakofto are the best choices for a day-trip from Patras. Kalamata, in the south of the Peloponnese, is also an important mainland urban centre. The area is famous for its olives, and makes a very good base for visiting the nearby Mani region and the neighbouring historic town of Sparta, with the mystical Byzantine Mystras.

Heraklion stands out among the large island cities of Greece. Heraklion is the largest city in Crete, with its own international airport, which is particularly busy in summer. The whole north coast of Heraklion, as far as the city of Agios Nikolaos to the east, is the largest tourist area on the island and one of the most popular resorts in the whole of Greece. The other large city of Crete, Chania in the west, also has many devoted fans, while some people rank it among the most beautiful cities in Greece. While the city itself has much to offer, the Prefecture of Chania with its wonderful beaches and picturesque mountain scenery is also a tempting choice.

Other large cities of Greece islands are Rhodes, with its international airport and matchless medieval town, and Mytilene on Lesbos, with its superb Neoclassical buildings and unique culture. Finally, in the Ionian Islands, Corfu stands out by reasons of its size and obvious Venetian influence. It has drawn thousands of visitors for many years, especially in summer, via direct flights to its international airport.

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