Straits in Greece

The major straits in Greece are the following:

Euripus Strait

Between Central Greece and Euboea, with a minimum width of 40 m., and a minimum depth of 7.5 m. It connects the northern and southern Gulf of Euboea.

Rio-Antirrio Strait

Between the Peloponnese and Central Greece, with a maximum width of 1,850 m. and a maximum depth of 59 m.

Preveza Strait

At the entrance to the Ambracian Gulf. It is 1,400 m. in length, with a minimum width of 40 m. and a depth of 7.2 m. in the strait itself and 5.1 m. just outside it.

Levkas (Lefkada) Strait

Between Lefkada and Acarnania, 25 m. wide and 5.3 m. deep.

Other straits are:

  • the Trikeri Straits in the mouth of the Pagasetic Gulf
  • the Ierissos Strait in the Mount Athos Peninsula
  • the Potidaean Strait in the Cassandra Peninsula.
  • West of the Saronic Gulf is Isthmus of Corinth, a narrow strip of land connecting the Peloponnese to central Greece. Today it is cut by the manmade Corinth Canal, 6,300 m. long and roughly 24 m. wide, connecting the Saronic Gulf with the Gulf of Corinth.

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