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birds in GreeceThe Hellenic Ornithological Society is the only Greek non-governmental body exclusively concerned with the protection of wild birds and their habitats in Greece. It is a Non-Profit Organization founded in 1982. In 1993 the Athens Academy presented it with an award for its important work to that date.

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Aegean Wildlife, Birds of the Aegean Sea

Bonelli's eagleGreece, despite its small size, constitutes a priceless biological reserve on a European scale. The distinctive wealth of Greek Nature results from the geomorphological diversity and the mild climate, factors that shape a small-scale but constantly changing landscape. This feature is reinforced by the fact that Greece is influenced by its position among the different worlds of Europe, Asia and North Africa.

The special features of the island environment of the Aegean Sea and particularly the isolation from the mainland, are largely reflected in the wildlife that inhabits the islands.

More than 300 bird species have been recorded in the Aegean, distinguished in two main categories; those resident here permanently, or for long periods, and the passage migrants.

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The Birds of Thassos

greece birdsThassos, the island in Nothern Aegean Sea in Greece, offers hospitality to a large number of birds. The reason is the variety of Thasso’s biotopes and its position opposite the hydro biotope of River Nestos in Thrace,

Thassos offers hospitality to: Falcons, Marsh Harriers, Sparrow hawks, two brace of Bonelli’s eagles (threaten specie), short – toed eagles, hawks, peregrines, Eleonora’s falcons. In winder you can see very rare species us sea eagle and imperial eagle. Lesser – spotted eagles, spotted eagle and black kestrels are passing by Thassos on their migration.

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Greeks lead Eleonora’s Falcon conservation

eleonora's falcon greeceThe Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS, BirdLife in Greece) is assessing the population status of the Eleonora’s Falcon Falco eleonorae in Greece and the other Mediterranean breeding range states. Priority management measures at nine Special Protection Areas (SPAs) will be implemented. The project is backed by the EU’s LIFE-Nature fund.

The project aims to improve the breeding success of the falcon, and support the administrative and operational capability of regional and local authorities responsible for SPA conservation. Other activities include identifying causes of mortality, increasing public awareness and appreciation of the species, and promoting ecotourism activities at project sites.

Greece holds about 70% of the world breeding population of the striking Eleonora’s falcon, but the species suffers from multiple threats like habitat degradation, poisoning by pesticides, human disturbance and egg/chick predation by introduced rats.

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