Living the American Dream

They say that where a door closes, somewhere a window opens. My door closed last Thursday, the day my summer ended, as I boarded a plane destined for Boston from Athens, Greece.

It had been such a lovely vacation, although for a mother that word “vacation” is relative. We still have to bathe, feed, and separate children from each other, not to mention apply copious amounts of sunscreen to wiggly limbs.

But nonetheless,it was some semblance of a vacation, mostly because it was not here.

Each time I return from Greece I can’t help but reflect on how breathtaking this ancient country is and how everyone should make it their number one destination next summer.

There are so many aspects of Greece which make me weave fantasies of how idyllic life is there. It is the birthplace of philosophy because everyone there is an armchair (or taverna) philosopher.

Thespians and commoners alike find drama at every street corner in Greece, where the old men and vivacious women draw you into their lives with their stories, laughter and wisdom.

By Doris Christelis

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