Epirus, north-western Greece

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Centre in Ioannina for the Study of Greek Language and Culture

language centre in IoanninaThe aim of this Centre in Ioannina is to support the dissemination of the Greek language and culture in and outside Greece and the teaching of modern Greek language to foreign students of the University of Ioannina and immigrants.

It also intends to organize special seminars and conferences on issues related to the methods of teaching Greek as a second language, providing practice and training to the instructors of modern Greek in schools and other institutions.


Metsovo in north-western Greece

metsovo Metsovo is one of the most picturesque and traditional towns in Greece. It is built like an amphitheatre at an altitude of 1.156m., on one of the highest peaks of the Pindos range at the junction of Epirus, Thessaly and Western Macedonia.

It is the capital of the Metsovo province and it has a population of 6.000 inhabitants. The mountainous terrain consists of strong elevations while many species of the flora and fauna find refuge in the dense forests.

Metsovo is the center of attraction for many visitors and in an admirable way combines the spirit of Greek hospitality wit the reservation of its own special character. It is probably the only village in Greece with so many sites of interest.


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