Cypriot Folk Dances

Cypriot Folk Dances

Cypriot folk dances are mainly of the type performed by a confronted pair, invariably two men or two women, or men’s solo dances displaying virtuosity and often performed with a hand-held object, either a sickle, knife, sieve, or tumbler.

In their steps and general characteristics – such as the movement of the body and limbs – they have features in common with dances of the historic Greek island area (the Asia Minor seaboard, Aegean islands and cities, and the Ionian isles).

Apart from these common features, Cypriot folk dances are distinguished by steps peculiar to certain localities, such as stamping in one spot with the feet, crossed alternately in front of each other, in the “second” and particularly the “third” “”kartchilamas”” and in the “syrtos” for men.

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