Acropolis in Athens

Conservation and Restoration Work In the Acropolis

The conservation and restoration of the monuments of the Athens Acropolis is carried out by the Acropolis Restoration Service, under the supervision and scientific direction of the Committee for the Preservation of the Acropolis Monuments, in cooperation with the 1st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.

The present aspect of the rock and the monuments of the Acropolis is the result of extensive excavations and restoration works carried out from 1835 onwards, in the context of the cultural renaissance of the Modern Greek State.

Over the centuries, these monuments had changed use and suffered damage caused by earthquakes, conflagration, bombardment and vandalism. Part of their architectural material was reused, intact or broken, in diverse ways, to construct later buildings.

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Conservation and Restoration Work on the Acropolis

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