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Teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign Language

Learn Greek in AthensTeaching Modern Greek as a Foreign Language has very early been a concern of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Modern Greek teaching began in the 1950s along with teaching foreign languages within the classes and other activities offered to students by the Foreign Languages Teaching Center and it has been successful until today.

In 1991 the Interdepartmental Program of Modern Greek as a Foreign Language was founded and has been working ever since then under the supervision of the Section of Linguistics of the Department of Philology and in 1994 it began to accept post-graduate students to be trained in teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign Language.

Due to the constantly increasing demand, the Teaching Center started expanding both in size and scope and in 1994 it became independent and was integrated into the Interdepartmental Program.

The Teaching Center is a member of ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe) and certifies the required level of knowledge of Greek for the matriculation of foreign students in any Greek University.

The courses of Modern Greek language can be attended by:

  • Those who have graduated from the High School and, also, have residence permit in Greece for the entire duration of the courses. The residence permit is not necessary for those who come from countries of the European Union or are married with Greek citizens or have the Greek citizenship.
  • Candidate students of the Higher and Highest Educational Institutions, who have been selected by the Ministry of National Education and Religion.
  • Scholars of the Greek Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Education and Religion, Ministry of Finance, Institution of Sate Scholarships).
  • Scholars of other Institutions (Institution ‘Kosta and Eleni Ourani’, Institution ‘Aleksandros Onassis’).
  • Postgraduate students of Higher and Highest Educational Institutions.
  • Students of European Educational Programs Socrates-Erasmus.

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