Anna Vissi and Makis Hristodoulopoulos

Anna Vissi sings ‘Pandremenoi Kai Dio’ (Married to each other) together with the Greek singer Makis Hristodoulopoulos in the 80’s.

These are Anna’s early years and she had not become a blonde yet.

Makis Hristodoulopoulos is a famous “laika” singer in Greece. Laika songs can be described as “popular” or “folkish”. Another form of expression would be “working class” songs.

The Laika songs started from the fifties to the present day. The Laika songs are melancholic, courteous, virtuous, and emotional.

From about 1950 to the present time, Laika songs have evolved and today they express the needs of the average Greek.

Video of Anna Vissi and Makis Hristodoulopoulos

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