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University of Western Macedonia – History

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The University of Western Macedonia was founded in 2002 by the Ministerial Council under the Prime Minister Mr. Kostas Simitis.

The development of structures for the exploitation of research products, the diffusion of culture of new technologies and innovation, the creation of centers of certification of local products, the promotion of the region’s assets, the diffusion of ecological conscience, the elevation and the respect of the cultural wealth, reflect the activity of the University of Western Macedonia, a region with long history, many capabilities, remarkable human potential and guardian of the diachronic values of our culture.

University of Western Macedonia – Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate studies last four years and lead to a corresponding Degree. In the Department of Management of Energy Recourses in Kozani, students complete their studies in five years.

The academic year is structured in semesters. Each semester is followed by a two-week examination period. An important number of students complete their studies in the minimal time that is foreseen by the course structure guidebook of each Department.

The educational program in every department usually includes four to six courses per semester and requires attendance of lectures and laboratories, 18 to 25 hours per week.

University of Western Macedonia – Postgraduate Studies

The Postgraduate Studies in the Department of Elementary Education in Florina aim at the training of scientists – researchers in the field of Sciences of Education and in their exploitation in various vocational and research fields which are connected to the family and school environment and as well as with other external sources of children education and socialization. In parallel to its research orientation, the Postgraduate program aims at the training of executive educational staff, which will be experts in the creation of specialized tuition programs, in educational strategy planning as well as in consulting and managerial tasks.

After the 1st of January 2004, four departments that previously belonged to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, will reinforce the potential of the University of Western Macedonia.

Faculty of Education

  • Elementary Education
  • Pre – School Education

Independent Departments

  • Balkan Studies (Florina)
  • Management of Energy Resource (Kozani)

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