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univesrity of thessaly

The University of Thessaly was founded in 1984. Though newly founded, it has demonstrated remarkable work in the course of its life.

Since its founding 18 years ago, it has been operating with 4 faculties, 16 undergraduate departments, 3 elective study programs and 5 post-graduate programs.

During all those years of its operation, the University of Thessaly has given particular importance to the cultivation of principles that upgrade science with the aim to offer the best possible services to man and the public in general.

Emphasis has also been placed on a qualitative academic environment, on contemporary equipment, and on pioneering facilities, which result in an obvious presence of quality–an element that distinguishes the university more and more each year.

The academic organization of the University of Thessaly starting in the academic year 2000-01 is as follows:

1. School of Humanities

a) Department of Primary School Education (Volos)
b) Department of Preschool Education (Volos)
c) Department of Special Education (Volos)
d) Department of History, Archaeology, Social Anthropology (Volos)

2. Polytechnic School

a) Department of Planning and Rural Development (Volos)
b) Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (Volos)
c) Department of Civil Engineering (Volos)
d) Department of Architecture (Volos)
e) Department of Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, and Networks (Volos)

3. School of Health Sciences

a) Department of Medicine (Larissa)
b) Department of Veterinary Medicine (Larissa)
c) Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Larissa)

4. School of Agricultural Sciences

a) Department of Agriculture, Crop Production, and Agricultural Environment (Volos)
b) Department of Agriculture, Animal Production, and Marine Environment (Volos)

5. Independent Departments

a) Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (Trikala)
b) Department of Economic Studies (Volos)

6. Elective Studies Programs

a) Museum Paidagogy Education (Volos)
b) Management of Rural Environment and Natural Resources (Larissa)
c) Medical Biochemistry (Larissa)

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