University of Piraeus

university of piraeus

The University of Piraeus was founded in 1938 under the title of the “School for Industrial Studies”, by the Industrialists and Tradesmen Association.

In 1945 it was renamed to “Higher School for Industrial Studies” and its aim was defined to be the systematic, theoretical and practical training of managerial executives.

In 1958, the “Higher School for Industrial Studies» was again renamed to “Graduate School of Industrial Studies”, with its headquarters in Piraeus.

Starting from 1966, the University operated in the form of a public legal entity.

In 1989, the “Graduate School of Industrial Studies” was renamed to University of Piraeus.

Today, the following nine Departments are run by the University of Piraeus:

  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Statistics and Insurance Science
  • Financial Management and Banking
  • Industrial Management
  • Maritime Studies
  • Informatics
  • Technology Teachers Education
  • International and European Studies

These Departments award degrees and doctorates in the corresponding scientific fields.

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