University of Patras

universtity of patras

The university of Patras since its foundation in 1964 has been committed to pioneering teaching and research. Built in a beautiful campus, it offers a true academic environment, making studies in it a true academic experience.

The University of Patras plays a coordinating role in developmental initiatives for the benefit of the Region of Western Greece, communicating the constantly generated scientific knowledge and know-how to industry.

On the international scene the University of Patras is very active, participating in a large number of European and international Educational and research programs and consortia and in all major academic associations. Its forefront scientific research has been recognized internationally.

University of Patras is the third largest university in the country and the fastest growing one, with 18,500 undergraduate students, 2000 post-graduate students, 670 teaching staff, 369 administrative personnel and 403 teaching and research assistants. The initial emphasis on science and technology has been extended to other academic areas such as health sciences and humanities. Today, its twenty-two Departments with a large number of sectors and consequently a great range of disciplines, reflect a balanced academic environment.

The University of Patras consists of five Schools, one is under establishment, with twenty-two Departments.


1. School of Natural Sciences

  • Department of Biology, 1966
  • Department of Chemistry, 1966
  • Department of Geology, 1977
  • Department of Material Science, 1999
  • Department of Mathematics, 1966
  • Department of Physics, 1966

2. School of Engineering

  • Department of Architecture, 1999
  • Department of Chemical Engineering, 1977
  • Department of Civil Engineering, 1972
  • Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics, 1980
  • Department of Electrical Engineering, 1967 (renamed to Department of Electrical and Computer
  • Engineering)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, 1972 (renamed to Department Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics)
  • Department of Engineering Sciences*, 1983

3. School of Health Sciences

  • Faculty of Medicine, 1983 (initially as Medicine School in 1977)
  • Department of Pharmacy, 1983 (initially in the School of Mathematics and Physics in 1977)

4. School of Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Department of Early Childhood Education, 1983
  • Department of Primary Education, 1983
  • Department of Philology, 1994
  • Department of Philosophy, 1999
  • Department of Theatre Studies, 1989

5. School of Economics & Administration (Under establishment)

  • Department of Business Administration, 1999
  • Department of Economics, 1985


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