University of Ionian

university of ionian

The Ionian University was founded in 1984, the same year as the University of Thessaly and the University of the Aegean and is located in Corfu.

The Ionian University has the mission to produce and diffuse knowledge and cultivate the arts.

At the Ionian University in particular, the content of studies is marked by originality and width of scope, qualities typical of every one of its Departments.

The Ionian University consists of the following six Departments (year of establishment in brackets):

  • Department of History (1985)
  • Department of Foreign Languages, Translation & Interpreting (1986)
  • Department of Music Studies (1992)
  • Department of Archives & Library Science (1993)
  • Department of Computer Science (2004)
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts (2004)

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