Technical University of Crete

crete technical university

The Technical University of Crete is an Institution of higher education, which gives emphasis on both teaching and research.

The six academic departments established after 1984 have set very high scopes. The fifty seven laboratories are very well equipped with high technology infrastructure and well skilled personnel. Concerning the faculty members, most of them had already an international carrier, before coming to Chania.

There are five engineering departments in the Technical University of Crete :

  • Department of Management & Production Engineering
  • Department of Mineral Resources Engineering
  • Department of Electronic Engineering & Computer Engineering
  • Department of Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Architectural Engineering

In addition, the Technical University of Crete has the Department of Sciences, which offers only postgraduate studies. All of our departments offer post graduate studies, which include course work and examinations, as well as doctoral degrees.

One of the strong points of Technical University of Crete Institution is research. With a total of 210 research and development programs and a budget approaching the amount of 19.000.000€, the Technical University of Crete is among the top in Greece in performing research.

As a consequence, almost all of our 560 graduate students and candidates for a doctoral degree are employed by their professors who have financial support for a research program. In addition, the Technical University of Crete is among the first Greek Institutions with the highest rate of research publications per faculty member.

One of our scopes is to strengthen even more the basic sciences offered in the departments curricula and to attract the best researchers in the fields of our interest. Finding ways to serve the society and offer the best possible quality of engineers is one of Technical University of Crete main targets.

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