Panteion University of Athens

The Panteion University of Athens has a 75-year history: the history of a creative development linked not only to the course of Higher Education and the development of Social Sciences in Greece, but also to the wider social transformation of our country. It is therefore worth providing a brief account of the University’s foundation and its evolution to the present day.

The foundation of the Panteion University, formerly known as the “Panteion University of Political Science” for many years, is linked to the names of Georgios Frangoudis and Alexandros Pantos, the founder and the great benefactor of the University respectively.

Today the Panteion University is attended by about 8,000 active students, i.e. students who have completed up to eight semesters, while the total number of registered undergraduates is about 14,500. Teaching and administrative staff number about 500.

The Panteion University consists of ten academic departments which function as independent academic units:

  • Department of Political Science and History
  • Department of International and European Studies
  • Department of Public Administration
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Economics and Regional Development
  • Department of Social Policy
  • Department of Social Anthropology
  • Department of Communications Media and Culture
  • Department of Psychology
  • General Department of Law

Panteion University also offers 13 postgraduate courses and includes 3 University Research Institutes, 18 Research Centres and 4 Laboratories.

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