Harokopion University in Athens

harokopion university in athens

The Harokopion University of Athens was built according to the article 9 of the 1894/90 clause as it was modified into the article 17 of the 1966/91 clause realizing thus the vision and the will of Panagis Harokopos and making worthy the assets donated for that purpose by Panagis Harokopos, Evanthia Harokopos-Petroutsi and Spiridon Harokopos.

The planning and development of the Harokopion University is based on high international standards and scientific research, which has been carried out by the command of the Ministry of Education.

Training at Harokopion University in Athens combines theoretical teaching with laboratory research, making use of modern technologies.

Harokopion University belief is that only through the balanced combination of scientific knowledge and experimental practice will our graduates meet the requirements of the society. At the same time, the basic orientation research, aiming to promote the scientific knowledge and the improvement of the economical, cultural and social development of the country is promoted at the University.

The Harokopion University in Athens is currently running the following Departments:

  • Home Economics and Ecology (Since 1993)
  • Dietetics and Nutritional Science (Since 1994)
  • Geography (Since 2000)

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