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The University of Aegean Units (Schools and Departments) are located on five different islands in the Aegean Sea ( i.e. Lesvos , Chios , Samos , Syros and Rhodes ), thus making the University of the Aegean a pioneer University-Network.

Both the natural beauty of the Aegean Sea and the innovative nature of the University become poles of attraction and bases of research- and knowledge-environments.

.The Units and their respective Schools and Departments are listed below:

1. School of Social Sciences (based in Mytilene, Lesvos)

Department of Social Anthropology and History
Department of Geography
Department of Sociology
Department of Cultural Technology and Communication

2. School of the Environment (based in Mytilene, Lesvos)

Department of Environmental Studies
Department of Marine Sciences

3. School of Business (based in Chios)

Department of Business Administration
Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport
Department of Financial and Management Engineering

4. School of Sciences (based in Karlovasi, Samos)

Department of Mathematics
Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering
Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

5. School of Humanities (based in Rhodes)

Department of Primary Education
Department of Pre-school Education and Educational Design
Department of Mediterranean Studies

6. University Unit of Syros (based in Ermoupolis, Syros)

Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering

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