Technological Education Institution of Serres

technological institute of serres

The Technological Education Institute of Serres was founded in 1979, and belongs to the Greek Tertiary Education System.

It is a state Institute which is self governed subject to the above mentioned state law and to the internal regulation while it materializes every Greek citizen’s right to free education.

The Technological Education Institute os Serres consists of the following two Faculties and their departments:

The Faculty of Applied Technology which consists of four Departments
1) Mechanical Engineering
2) Civil Engineering
3)Information and Communication Sciences
4) Geomatics and Surveying

The Faculty of Administration and Economics which is subdivided into the following Departments
1) Accounting
2) Business Administration

The function of all the above mentioned Departments is supported by the Foreign Languages and Physical Education Department.

In September 1993, the Technological Education Institute of Serres was moved to its new premises which are located 300 meters away from the town centre stretching over an area of 82000m2. The total number of registered students amounts to 7000 whereas that of the teaching staff comes up to 300

The Technological Education Institute of Serres meets modern requirements for the provision of high quality educational standards, the encouragement of applied and technological research and the contribution to the creation of responsible citizens able to contribute as agents who will apply high quality levels to the economic, social and cultural development of the country.

It, thus, promotes the employment of scientifically distinguished Professors, the cooperation with educational and research Institutions of our country and with those abroad, the connection between education and production and the job market, the further education of its graduates and the creation of post-graduate studies departments in conjunction with Universities.

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