Technological Education Institute of Patras

technological education institute of patras

The Technological Educational Institute of Patras was established in 1972 as a Vocational Technical Education Centre (K.A.T.E.). In 1983, it became an independent and self-governed institute and belongs to the Greek Higher Education system along with the other thirteen Technological Education Institutes – and the Universities of Greece.

Technological Educational Institute orientation is towards applied research and technology and its main concern, the assimilation and application of scientific knowledge whereas the universities give emphasis to theoretical background and basic research.

The Technological Education Institute of Patras is a State Institute. It is a self-governed body, subject to public law and financed from public funds.

The main objectives of the Technological Education Institute of Patras are:

1. To educate students on technological matters adequately enough and to bring them up to the level of understanding , assimilating and promoting technology and technological know-how.
2. To undertake the task of advising scientifically and technologically, industries, enterprises and the social environment in general and to develop or innovate, through the links with production units, new material, procedures, equipment, tests, experiments etc.
3. To educate responsible and qualified people who will in their turn contribute to the economical, social and cultural developments of their country.
4. To participate in Research & Development projects either independently or together with Universities.

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