Technological Education Institute of Kavala

technological education  institute of kavala

Technological Education Institute of Kavala mission is to offer education at the highest level of applied scientific know-ledge, while promoting modern technological skills.

Within this framework, the Technological Education Institute of Kavala:

  • maintains close contacts with key industrial and financial sectors of the economy
  • participates actively in applied research pro-grams
  • cooperates closely with higher education institutes in Greece and abroad

a) School of Management and Economics with the following departments :

1. Department of Accounting
2. Department of Business Administration
3. Department of Information Management

b) School of Technological Applications with the following departments:

1. Department of Electrical Engineering
2. Department of Mechanical Engineering
3. Department of Petroleum Technology
4. Department of Industrial Informatics
5. Department of Science

c) Drama Annexe with the

Forestry Department of Forestry (at the city of Drama)

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