Technological Education Institute of Kalamata

technological education institute of kalamatas

The Technological Education Institute of Kalamata was established in 1990, and is located at a pleasant site, 6 kilometers from the city center.

The main building complex of 14.000 m2 covers all the main activities of the Institute: lecture theatres, labs and workshops, library, sports and recreational facilities, restaurant, etc.

The surrounding area of 90.000 m2 contains a farm for training and research purposes with annual crops, greenhouses and an arboretum, as well as outdoor sports facilities, recreational areas, etc.

The Technological Education Institute of Kalamata comprises of the following schools and departments:

1. School of Agricultural Technology

  1. Department of Crop Production
  2. Department of Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture
  3. Department of Agricultural Product Technology

2. School of Management and Economics

  1. Department of Health and Welfare Unit Management
  2. Department of Local Government
  3. Department of Finance and Auditing


3. Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications

  • The Campus of the of Kalamata in Sparta began its operation in the academic year 2005 – 2006.

The Technological Education Institute of Kalamata currently counts approximately 8.000 enrolled students and this number is increasing. Further increase in the number of students is expected in the upcoming academic years due to the expansion of the Technological Education Institute of Kalamata.

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