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The University of Indianapolis, Athens Campus (UIA) was chartered in 1989, with the purpose of offering quality American educational experience in Greece.

Since its inception, the University has grown to become one of the leaders in higher education in Greece.

Its programs are, and will continue to be, designed to offer tomorrow’s leaders effective solutions in a professional environment.

The Athens Campus is a fully integrated international education center of the University of Indianapolis in the U.S. and operates as its European hub.

The Chief executive of the University of Indianapolis, the President, is directly accountable to the Board of trustees of the University of Indianapolis. The Board of Trustees sets policy for students, faculty members and staff. The President of the University of Indianapolis is assisted by several administrative officers. The Vice President and Athens Campus Chancellor provides supervision and academic leadership at the campus in Athens on behalf of the President, while also participating in central planning and related functions of the President’s Office.

In 1998 the University established a center in Tripolis, Greece and in 2002, became a Cisco Networking Academy, offering courses in networking in cooperation with Cisco Systems. Also, the University sponsors the Odyssey in Athens study abroad program designed to provide American college students with a rich cultural experience in the birthplace of Western civilization while taking accredited upper level courses in their chosen fields of study alongside Greek and other international students. The Athens Campus of the University provides the best possible education by offering thirty (30) undergraduate and eight (8) graduate programs.

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