Technological Education Institutes in Greece

Technological Education Institutes (TEI’s) are self governing Higher Education Institutions. Each Technological Education Institute is composed of at least two Schools each of which is composed of at least two Departments.

Departments are further divided into Subject Groups (or Sections). All administrators (President, Vice President, Directors of Schools and Heads of Departments or Sections) are elected by the members of the academic community of each institution for a certain tenure.

The basic academic unit is a Department which issues the appropriate degree on successful fulfillment of study requirements.

Technological Education Institute graduates have well prescribed professional rights, established by appropriate legislation. Enrollment for studies at a Technological Education Institute is regulated by the same rules that apply to all higher education institutes in Greece.

The Technological Education Institutes were founded by the law 1404/1983 and evolved out of the (abolished by the same law) national Centers for Technical and Professional Education. All current stipulations and requirements for studies at a Technological Education Institute are defined by the Presidential Decree no 498/84 and its amendment no 189/89.

The academic staff at a TEI is divided into three categories of permanent staff and two categories of contract staff. It is the duty of all permanent staff to support the teaching needs of their institution, to conduct scientific research and to undertake administrative responsibilities as needed.

The mission of Technological Education Institutes in the Greek Educational System and Greek Society at large is specified in the founding law 1404/1983. It includes a responsibility to provide the theoretical and practical training needed to support the practice of professions relating to the application of scientific, technological, artistic or other type of knowledge or skill

To fulfill their mission Technological Education Institutes

  • pursue and maintain links with industry, business and other types of organized economy of their region
  • collaborate amongst themselves or with other institutions of Higher Education in Greece and abroad
  • contribute to the continuing education of their graduates as well as of the Greek public at large
  • participate in research projects on technological applications.

Enrollment at a Technological Education Institute is regulated by the same rules that apply to all higher education institutes in Greece. The duration of studies ranges from six to eight semesters of coursework, practical training and dissertation work. The academic year begins on the 1st of September and ends on the 31st of August the following year. The academic year is divided into two terms or semesters, the Fall semester and the Spring Semester. Each semester is 15 weeks long and involves 34hrs/week of student coursework. At the end of each semester there are two sessions of a two week examination period.

To successfully complete their degree requirements all TEI students need to elaborate a dissertation under the supervision of academic staff. Emphasis is laid on choosing dissertation topics directly linked to actual problem areas in the related industry or businesses.

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