Technical Vocational Schools in Greece

The Technical Vocational Schools (TEEs) are attached to the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, although some are supervised by other Ministries and some by the Greek Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED).

Pursuant to Act 2640/1998, their objective is to provide both general education and specialist technical and vocational skills to prepare pupils for the labour market.

Besides day schools there are also evening Technical Vocational Schools for workers aged up to 50 who wish to improve their job prospects. The applicants are accepted without examination but must possess either a Gymnasium leaving certificate or an equivalent certificate issued abroad.

Studies at the Technical Vocational Schools last up to three years and consist of two independent cycles covering specific fields and specializations. Cycle 1 lasts two years and Cycle 2 lasts one year, while in the evening Technical Vocational Schools an extra year is added to Cycle 1 and six months to Cycle 2.

The Unified Lyceum is horizontally linked to the Technical Vocational Schools, and so it is possible for pupils to transfer from one to the other if they so wish. Hence a Technical Vocational Schools Cycle 1 graduate may transfer to Class 2 of the Unified Lyceum while an Unified Lyceum pupil may transfer to Class 1 of Technical Vocational Schools Cycle 1 and Class 2 of Technical Vocational Schools Cycle 1 only for specific fields.

The curriculum includes basic lessons in general education and technological lessons (theoretical and laboratory) in specific fields and specializations. The following subjects are taught at both cycles:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Electrician
  • Applied Arts
  • Textile and Clothing
  • Construction
  • Economics and Management
  • Agricultural Production, Food and Environment
  • Health and Welfare
  • Chemistry Laboratory Applications
  • Maritime and Shipping Occupations
  • Information Science and Networks
  • Aesthetics and Hairdressing

The number of subjects taught in each Technical Vocational School depends on the local socioeconomic conditions and needs, the number of pupils, and their preferences. The subjects are subdivided into specific Specializations in the second class of Cycle 1 and in Cycle 2. The laboratory exercises are performed in separate school units called School Laboratory Centres (SEK).

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