Whales & Dolphins In Crete
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Whales and Dolphins in Crete

sperm whales and dolphins in Palaiohora, Crete

The presence of sperm whales in Southern Crete is related to the very steep underwater cliffs that exist near the coastline. At these depths, deep-living squids on which sperm whales feed, are abundant. Research has shown that Southern Crete is the only known area in the world where social groups (i.e. females and their offspring) and solitary males co-exist all year round. The most plausible explanation for this unique phenomenon is that living conditions in this area are ideal for sperm whales.

The ecovolunteer programme "Meet the Sperm Whales and Dolphins of Southern Crete" was initiated in the summer of 1999 with great success. One of the primary aims of the program is to acquaint people with the sperm whale, one of the most magnificent animals, not only of Greek fauna, but also of our planet as a whole. It is not widely known that these peaceful giants inhabit the Greek waters, consequently, people are amazed when they find out. By exposing people to sperm whales, dolphins and the Greek natural heritage, the program ultimately aspires to raise public awareness regarding the value of the natural environment and the need to protect it. Furthermore, the ecovolunteer program is the primary source of funding for the "Cretan Sperm Whale Project". This research project which focuses on the broadening of our knowledge and understanding of sperm whales and the monitoring of their population, would not be possible without the support of ecovolunteers!

Visit the Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute and learn more about its activities and the ways that you can join its ecovolunteer program. Prices start from 14.000 GDR per day and the program lasts 7 days.

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