Kremasta Lake
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Kremasta Lake

kremasta lake

Llake of Kremasta (artificial lake) was created in 1965, near the point where the Acheloos River meets the Agrafiotis and Megdovas tributaries.

Lake of Kremasta villages of both Evrytania and Aetolia-Acarnania Prefectures were drowned under its waters.

Kremasta Lake is the largest earth dam in Europe, with a capacity of 4,700,000,000 cubic metres - 11 times the size of Lake Marathon. The exploitation of the lake is one of the major targets of Prefecture governors.

kremasta lake in greece

The Kremasta lake was formed as a result of the construction of the hydroelectric dam of Kremasta by the Public Power Corporation (DEI).

The Kremasta dam is considered the largest earth dam in Europe, with a volume of 7,800,000 cubic metres, 465 m. long and 700 m. wide at its base.


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